Original Degrassi Junior High & Degrassi High Drinking Game

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This summer, bored by reruns and with no real TV on DVD to watch, I PVR'd the Degrassi: The Next Generation (hereby TNG) movie set in Hollywood...and kind of fell in love with the show all over again.

I remember coming home after school in junior high and high school and watching the original Degrassi series on CBC and being proud to have seen every single episode when all was said and done...and this was BEFORE the days of PVR people. When TNG started up around 2K, my family was all over it - we used to sit down and watch it together every week, even as the involvement of the original cast dwindled.

Unfortunately, Degrassi TNG entered into some sort of weird partnership with US teen channel The N whereby the scheduling went completely out of wack, and Degrassi became very difficult to track down on the tube. We lost touch at the end of Season 6. That is, until I watched the movie this summer and promptly ran out and bought Seasons 7 & 8 in anticipation of the currently running 9, and indeed I love the show, even though I miss the original TNG cast.

Anyway, amongst all of this TNG excitement, it also made me pine for Degrassi of yesteryear. I asked my two best friends to join me on a thrilling journey back to the late 80s where we would rewatch all of the original series and follow up with TNG.

One of my friends mentioned there used to be an awesome original Degrassi Junior High / Degrassi High School drinking game but alas we couldn't find it, the site that seems to have published it has since taken it down. So...based on her faint recollections and our overall enjoyment of the first two seasons of Junior High, here is the KLM version of the Degrassi Junior High / Degrassi High School drinking game (with additions to come I'm sure).

Take a drink everytime...

- Stephanie gets changed in the bathroom

- Yik & Arthur engage in an overtly nerdy activity (ex: using walkie talkies, renting swamp porn)

- Someone places a phone call in a phone booth

- Mr. Raditch is magically immediately on the announcements right after class

- There's a confrontation in the stairwell (including physical fights, arguments, or chase scenes) or in the high school years, on the wheelchair ramp

- Mr. Raditch abandons his teacherly duties (ex: not breaking up a stairwell confrontation)

- Joey gives a new meaning to the middle initial of his name

- Lucy's parents are negligent and leave a phone message ("There's sushi in the fridge!")

- Students are either signing something or handing something out in the hallway

- The word 'broomhead' is used

- An exterior shot is repeated within an episode or between episodes (easier if you watch them back to back)

- Someone shops at the local pharmacy

- Someone sings 'Everybody's Got Something'

- One of the twins (Heather & Erica) is NOT wearing something black or white

- Dream sequences or memory flashbacks occur (note the soft focus around the edge of the screen)

- A non-major character has a speaking role (ex: the chubby girl Nancy, the red-headed girl with freckles, the guy who enjoys carrots and makes a horrible speech on watching TV)

- The girl in the wheelchair defies the lack of wheelchair accessibility of Degrassi (or alternatively, when you notice there is no possible way for her to get up those front stairs as students stream in)

That should have you nice and buzzed within an episode, and nice and hammered within two. Until I continue onwards, this is definitely a great start to the Degrassi High / Degrassi Junior High drinking festivities!

- Britt's On

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