I Wanna Get Lost In Your...Plots & Roles?

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I am in love with Lost again. I mean…yes the show isn’t as good as the first three (in particular the first two) mega seasons of mystery, but it’s come back from the fourth and fifth season slumps in just a few short episodes. The flash sideways feature is a nice twist on the flash forward, and allows us to somewhat envision what we never envisioned before – life after Flight 815, with a twist of course.

Is there still way too much shiz going on and way too many answers resulting in more questions? Sure! Is Josh Holloway still an overdramatic sour puss of an actor? Sadly yes! Is the return of familiar faces in unfamiliar ways awesome? Definitely! I’m giddy with excitement at obsessing over Lostpedia again and sharing theories (although right now I have few, compared to last season’s dead giveways re: Ellie and Daniel, Miles and Pierre, etc.). I also had a fun time checking out Lost gear available on the interwebs, and I’m more than a little tempted to purchase a piece of Dharma clothing (perhaps the lab coat for a warm Halloween costume) for myself.

Meanwhile though, I still find myself harkening back to just over a year ago when the boyfriend and I took on the very ambitious task of watching the first four seasons in about a month and a half prior to the fifth season debut. Overall, Lost is a better show to watch on DVD, plain and simple. While getting wrapped up in the theories while watching it in present time is great, frustrating, fun, it’s also very hard to follow the show from week to week – especially as they take us back through five long seasons of mythology (don’t forget, the show premiered in 2003…it’s been awhile). For example, this last episode, the woman interviewing Locke played a ‘fake’ psychic in an earlier flashback…I can’t even remember who the psychic was working with, but like…who catches that?

On the flip side, I can see that with the show ending, the conclusion of what is the island will be revealed and thus – much like with The Sopranos – people won’t jump at watching it. Still, I’m interested in purchasing the DVD set for myself down the road so I can relive the magic and pick up the clues and try to puzzle out the answers to things that aren’t answered this year. I’m hoping the creators consider putting some almanac out when all is said and done, much like how Harry Potter fans are eagerly awaiting the Harry Potter encyclopaedia, to answer the final questions.

Here’s the thing though, I’m not holding my breath for some amazing finish that wraps things up fully. There is no logical explanation for Lost, as the show continued to expound upon as the seasons went on. The leaders aren’t the leaders. There is a blurry line between good and bad. Destiny is both real and imagined.

Ultimately I think the creators maybe bit off more than they could chew, particularly with the JJ effect of his vision being distorted upon leaving for his next project. It’s impossible to keep up the level of mystery the first two seasons presented us with, so they tried to do it by bringing in more mysteries and groups of people with their own mystery (the tailies, the boat people, the others, Dharma, the Ajira folks, the temple others, etc.). What we have is a too wide cast when we really care about the core and fringe (like Rose and Bernard) 815 characters.

But I’m still happy to be on the Lost train. For now anyway.

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