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I just realized that I haven't rhapsodized about my new televisionary love. See, after my regular season TV all but dried up and I gobbled up the final season of Friday Night Lights on DVD and I realized Mad Men was not returning...I quickly realized I needed to plug some holes in my TV-watching schedule. I also tried out Netflix Canada for awhile, which I have mixed feelings about...

But in those thirty glorious days of free streaming - I should mention, this sh*t went down when my effing PS3 network was down with the rest of the world so I had to stream everything on my MacBook - I decided to give 'Being Erica' a shot.

I had actually meant to watch BE when it first aired on the CBC a couple of years ago. The premise sounded interesting - something about a girl reliving her teenage years with the knowledge of a thirty-something. But it was Canadian programming, and despite my love of Degrassi, my hopes were not high, and apparently neither was my ambition to actually PVR the thing. Well MAN was I wrong.

The show's premiere episode quickly proved how great Canadian programming can be. The music, the sets, the cast, the integration of Toronto into the show - it was all there. Along with a pretty special concept. Erica is in fact a thirty-something when we first meet her, a girl who feels like she piqued in high school, is going nowhere in her love life or her career, and is pretty much miserable...until Dr. Tom enters her life. Dr. Tom is a mysterious therapist of sorts whose job is to teach his patients life lessons through time travel. He sends Erica back to various points in her life - with the aforementioned knowledge of a thirty-something from the future - to relive certain moments or events or days in her life. Erica takes the lessons from these rehashes and applies them to her real-life events - some of which are totally normal, relatable issues, some of which are more related to her time traveling life.

The amazing thing about the show is that they've managed to keep it fresh and interesting from season-to-season. Although I loved Season 1's pretty straightforward flashback-and-move-on format, Season 2 bends the format by experimenting with variations on the flashback, whether they're focusing on a specific relationship Erica has, or they're something different altogether. Season 3's examination of time travel spun everything on its head once again - with somewhat mixed results as Erica occasionally took a backseat to other character's plot lines, but it still at least, kept things new and interesting.

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE how much Erica's career has factored into everything. Her work castmates Julianne and Brent are among my favourite characters on the show, and the fact her career is such a central focus to all the plots makes the show feel really modern and reflective of the Canadian everywoman's struggles.

Other things I love? Well the boys are incredibly dreamy, and each one interesting his own way. The emotional devastation of the S1 & S3 finales will not be soon forgotten either. The constant appearance of Degrassi characters as minor characters is a great boon for any cross-fans of the two programs. And Erica's wardrobe is easily enviable, as is Erin Karpluk's gorgeous hair, winsome charm, and ability to transform from the age of sixteen to thirty-two with just a few subtle shifts of wardrobe and make-up.

Honestly I have no bad things to say about this show. It's incredibly well-produced and it's a shame it's not better known - I am HOUNDING my friends and family to watch it and I implore you to do the same gentle readers. It's on Netflix, you can buy it in-stores, and Season 4 (the final season apparently) will start airing this fall...with yet another promisingly juicy twist as revealed in Season 3.

One last sidenote? I recently discovered my Aunt in Europe actually does the publicity for this show. So she's hung out with Erin. And I'm incredibly jealous. That is all.

- Britt's On


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