Stacey & Clinton, Will You Be My BFFs?

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I remember back in my college days, a group of my new classmates and I bonded over a mutual love of TLC's What Not To Wear. We all shyly admitted there were Friday evenings where we'd almost rather stay in and catch up with Stacey and Clinton (does anyone remember that weird Wayne dude that predated Clinton? Talk about an Upgrade!).

Since then, I kind of wavered - I got tired of incessantly following the show, especially when TLC decided to kick their episode numbers into high gear. My sister however, upon returning from living in Europe for a year, had never really gotten hooked on the show - until she returned. After a sister/sister bonding evening, I began my new love affair with WNTW, yet again, PVRing more episodes than is healthy. The crazy part is, I actually crave watching it. In a world where my once favourite shows continue to let me down, having a show that is consistent (albeit a tad repetitive) in its quality and fun makes me happy somehow.

I think part of it is that I am a bit of a shopaholic. Nothing makes me happier than new clothing - yet oddly, all of my newfound loves eventually find the reject pile of my wardrobe. I dream about shopping - and damn, I'm a good designer in my dreams.

Another part is that the change really is consistently revolutionary. These women are just better versions of their former selves - and Stacey and Clinton are awesome at promoting a healthier self-image, regardless of your body type. While they encourage healthiness, they're also champions of dressing for the body you have today - a lesson I think every woman could benefit from. The show is part inspirational (even if just to run out and get your hair did) and part educational - and surprisingly unsuperficial if you actually believe in the power of first impressions and personal style.

I would pretty much do anything to go shopping with S&C - ANYTHING - especially if we hit up a few of my fave stores (an ode to H&M could be written at this point) and a few stores I've always been curious to shop in, but never quite gutsy enough. Or wealthy :)

I don't think my personal style is particularly horrible - I definitely own a lot of er, cool clothing that generates a fair bit of (positive) attention & compliments. But, as I grow older, I think it'd be sweet to have a proper work wardrobe that suits the creative industry I'm in - i.e. not too fussy - and as much as I love shopping, I feel like some expert opinions would be awesome.

With that, I wanted to give a salute to Stacey & Clinton. Although I might never get to shop with them in person, I hope to enjoy shopping alongside them at a moderate pace for the forseeable future.

- Britt's On


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