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Oh Lost. Oh how sad you make me. I'm not a diehard Lost fan - I only jumped on the bandwagon this year, but jump I did. My friend lent me the first 3 seasons in December-ish and the boyfriend and I decided to power through all of them (+ rent the 4th on Blu-Ray) before the series returned at the end of January. Needless to say, many, many evenings were spent eating dinner in front of the TV and many mini-marathons were had - 3 or 4 episodes a night. And we loved it!

Let me tell you though, watching that show on DVD is *so* the way to go...if you can avoid spoilers when the series ends next year, wait until it's all said & done and watch it. You'll be able to pick up on details more and won't forget all the drama and mysteries. Watching it week by week - as I've since discovered - is painstaking, even moreso by the fact the series has taken a sharp nosedive over the past two seasons.

In the vaguest of terms, let me recap how the show has gone up to this point - a plane crashes on an island, but it's not just any island. It's an island of mysteries and mayhem and magic of sorts. Each week the survivors of the plane crash grapple with some sort of issue - whether moral, rescue-related, or just trying to live on the island in peace - and usually one character has a 'flashback' that reveals insight about their character.

If you haven't watched the show at all, stop reading now. That little description above doesn't reveal much about where the show is at today, but what I'm writing next will.

Basically the final seasons of the show are supposed to finally answer all the questions that have been unraveled since the beginning. Who is really evil - Ben or Charles? What's with the time travel? Who are The Others? What's the future for the 815 / Oceanic Six / Ajira Airways people? What is the island? What's the smoke monster? And so on & on & on...

But instead, the show is painstakingly trying to make progress, and it's not enjoyable anymore. While before the fun came from a relatively plausible situation - a group of survivors on an island - being continually turned on its head, today there are just TOO MANY questions, and their so-called way of answering them has just brought up more aggravating questions, in an increasingly impluasible manner.

Additionally, the format of the show has changed considerably. While it might be conducive to (supposedly) moving the plot forward, the writers really haven't made much with the extra time they've been given. And that's another problem - the writers. Something's rotten in the state of Abramsland, perhaps because JJ has gone off to work on the Star Trek movie for the last while, but the writing stinks lately. Even this week's episode, which finally had a return to form with flashbacks, felt like it was poorly handled. The writing - and subsequent acting, since they're all written very 'off-character' - is just balls.


Lately all I've been saying about the show is I just want it to be over, so I can just know everything once and for all.

To the writer's credit - they somewhat seem to recognize the state of unrest us viewers must be in. In this last episode, Sayid mentioned that his return to the island felt like it had no purpose - just as the audience feels. Why are the gang of them back? What is the motivation of the show now, since leaving doesn't seem to be the greatest option.

I'm hoping there's some grand plan for the series as it does its swan song over the next season and a half, but it's been a serious downgrade from the amazing potential the beginning of the show had (which ps, I've heard is the case for other JJ Abrams vehicles...Alias anyone?)

So I'm a bit Lost on Lost, but like a good portion of the fans (although ratings have sharply dropped for the series) I'll stick it out till the end.

- Britt's On


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