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So in the road to the Oscars, I’m still left scratching my head and wondering who will take top honours this year. After racking up accolades across the globe, Hurt Locker was completely shut out of the Golden Globes, while Avatar walked away with (arguably) the two top prizes. The comedic side was quite literally a joke with the Hangover taking the title – it wasn’t THAT good and it will NOT be nominated for an Oscar, which leaves Avatar the frontrunner (?) for best picture.

The top five shoo-ins for this year’s race – Avatar, Hurt Locker, Inglourious Basterds, Up In The Air, and Precious – represent very different films that all weigh heavily on different elements of ‘what makes a best picture’. If you want to bank on commercial success, revolutionary filmmaking, and the momentum of the Globes, then maybe Avatar will win. At the same time, a humorous Fail post recently showed up where a young ‘un managed to draw extremely parallel lines between the plots of Disney’s Pocahontas and Avatar, and I sincerely doubt the Academy can dust off their crustiness to give this film top accolades next to far more critically acclaimed films.

When it comes to acting, it’s another very mixed bag. Sandra Bullock and Jeff Bridges were both standout winners last night with awards that represented a lifetime’s worth of work rather than singular ‘good’ roles. Yet the Blindside hasn’t favoured supremely well with critics, and Bridges’ ‘Crazy Heart’ hasn’t been widely released yet, which might hurt their chances to take the title down the line. Other best actor winner Robert Downey Jr. stands little chance of being nominated at the Oscars, which again points to a tip of the hat from the GG’s towards commercialism. Meryl Streep still has a very solid chance of earning her third Oscar, as other chicklets in the category like Gabourey Sidibe, Carrie Mulligan, and Emily Blunt should all just thank their lucky stars to be nominated and at the Oscars.

And in the TV department – a couple of surprises as the Globes extended a welcoming to some new programs, including the Good Wife and Julianna Marguiles’ new starring role and Glee (both shows of which only have a dozen or less episodes to their name). Not much to say other than thank god Mad Men won for its best season yet – and I kinda wish someone would show awkward beauty January Jones some love for a performance that was equally heart-wrenching and maddening over the last six months.

Finally the fashion. Although the rain certainly put a damper on things (glad that wasn’t the red carpet I was due to sit on), I was disappointed by the choices the stars would have been rocking regardless of the weather. Too much black, nude, h2t sparkles, and plunging necklines – it was like watching a fashion show put together by the designers of the world on four basic themes. So far the ‘best / worst dressed’ lists I’ve consulted seem pretty split – moreso than usual – other than to say Mariah’s boobage was all up in your face. Two ‘just say no’ fashion shout-outs – Kate Hudson’s hooker shoes and Drew Barrymore’s stalagmite growths that reminded me of crystals growing out of my laundry room floor (no joke). I think Emily Blunt had a pretty dress although her hair (likely owing to the rain) was a bit drab, and Toni Collette looked lovely if on par with the h2t sparkle trend, but other than that there were really no standouts in the good department. There were people who looked okay, and people who looked like sh*t.

Well folks, I guess I’ll just keep reading my EW’s until I have some more direction for the Oscars 2010…the Globes have scrambled my brain.

- B

PS – Christoph Waltz and Inglorious Basterds how do I love thee? Christoph’s speech was nothing short of poetic, Quentin’s facial expressions throughout the night were hilarious, and the cast was among the best-looking (and most fun) in the crowd.


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