Best Worst Final Four - The Amazing Race Edition

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What to say about this season’s TAR? It’s not been the greatest. In fact the last couple of seasons have been pretty, dare I say, lackluster? Aside from the winning teams being pretty boo-worthy, there hasn’t really been a whole lot of solid teams that HAVE made it to the end that I actually want to cheer for. The last memory I have of a team I like winning was TK & Rachel, back in season 12. Since then it’s been a couple of snoozeworthy brother & sister clear winners, plus the should-be-brother-and-sister coupling of Meaghan & Cheyne.

The final four for our final two (three?) episodes is pretty shocking to be quite honest. If you had sat me down after the first episode or two and asked me to predict the final four, this would NOT be the group I’d have picked. Maybe the cowboys, because they’re magical and the race almost always plays to their strengths (minus the drums) but the other three teams? Not so much.

I’m happy to see Dan & Jordan in the race, because the BF’s (unsolicited) team in his office’s pool is team DJ. They are total forehead-slapping morons that seem to have tripped into their current position, but they do provide amusing commentary (and excellent material for the Bitchy Amazing Race Blog).

I’ve soured on the cop team (Team Undercover) based on the real-life shenanigans of the fishy-looking Louie. He’s one electrical-outlet-incident away from looking like Wario. I applaud Mike’s enthusiasm and support for his partner though, it just breaks my heart to think how he’s been led astray! Plus I also can’t really support them winning based on the fact they’re so sorely out of shape. Every time Louie runs it hurts my lungs.

Finally we have Caite & Brent, one of the more idiotic, vile pairings we’ve seen on the show. To their credit though! They are easily the most enthusiastic team left here, skipping for joy to each challenge no matter how headache-inducing. Their only real breakdown came during the coconuts and they certainly weren’t alone in that. They also have rarely sniped on one another, surprisingly. A small part of me is cheering for Caite to get some vindication about her pageant flub, but also because it’d be hilarious for this team to outwit, outplay, and outlast…oh wait, that’s another game…but you get the picture. It’d be hilarious if they represented the strongest team in America this go-round.

A lot of people have debated the U-turn of Carol & Brandy. Here are my general thoughts:
1) I was not a fan of C&B. Although not the most vile players of all time, they certainly would be in the Villains camp if this were Survivor. Beyond their griping about one another and some of the other teams, they also put up the biggest fuss at every. Single. Challenge. I want to see people on TAR that WANT to be there, that cry blood when they’re knocked out. These gals were not that team. In fact, I would disappointed if they won the first all-female team winner title. In that sense, I was happy the OTHER CB team knocked them out.

2) I think there was a mild bit of strategy in u-turning the girls. Caite & Brent are aligned with Team Undercover, and realistically (although they wouldn’t entirely have been aware of this), had they not gotten rid of the ladies, Team U would be gone. This alliance works both ways – Undercover presumes the tiara twosome are too stupid to win, CB are (rightfully so) assuming that they would easily be able to beat Undercover in the often foot race-heavy final leg. Now, realistically, maybe 86-ing the cowboys was the right move, but the guys are the least malicious team in the bunch, so in the final dirty legs, I imagine it’d be better to have a neutral team like the cowboys next to you over the team that has a serious vendetta against you.

3) Although C&B have never won a leg, they haven’t come close to elimination either – that spells danger (see: Danielle & Eric in the all-star edition). The reason why the final four is so shocking is all four teams have plummeted to both ends of the spectrum repeatedly – this is the most ragamuffin group of finalists we’ve ever seen, which should make for an interesting final leg. I predict that if the ladies were still in it, they’d easily make it to the finals and be in contention for the win if the day went their way, and they could stop bitching for two moments.

So we have four teams, three legs left (there will be a final non-elimination in one of the next two episodes). The preview for next week looked like a crushing road block for Jordan, and if I had to bet, I’d bet against them making it to the end with the neutral alliance (you do your thing, I’ll do mine) between the other three teams that doesn’t really seem to involve the boys.

Still, here are my picks based on the potential final 3’s:

Tiara / Undercover / Cowboys: This is the most likely final 3 and the most interesting I think. Tiara/Undercover might team up to take down the Cowboys, which might allow them to overcome their shortcomings (intelligence and fitness respectively). To Tiara’s credit, they haven’t ever faceplanted a directional situation yet, just lots of missed details. The final legs are like a speed round though and their zest for competition might propel them forward…but my money would still be on the Cowboys.

Tiara / Undercover / DJ: It seems unfathomable to not have the cowboys there, but if that were the case, I think Tiara or Undercover would take it. DJ are a panicky pairing next to these two surprisingly level-headed teams.

Tiara / Cowboys / DJ: I think Cowboys have advantage here again. Although there isn’t a huge strategic advantage for Tiara/Undercover’s alliance, I think having them in the game makes them feel safe or stronger or something. DJ might slip by again if they choose to do whatever the other two teams aren’t doing.

Cowboys / DJ / Undercover: An all male final! I don’t know if that’s ever happened. If this were the case, I’d put my money on cowboys or undercover.

It looks like I’m leaning towards Cowboys or Undercover. Cowboys have lost a little of their shine in the last few weeks, but CBS is promoting them heavily. This could be because they’re the only fully likable, legitimate team left, or because they’ve won. Again, several weeks ago Undercover wouldn’t have made my list, but the guys are pretty resilient and have a good shot at winning. Tiara and DJ would be an upset, but a hilarious one in both instances.

Till the finale!

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