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As we wind down to the final days of Lost, I am thinking about the possibility of purchasing the entire series on DVD. The boyf and I recently spotted an insanely overpackaged special edition of season 5. It wasn’t even that good of a season, in fact, I’d tentatively say it was the worst season ever (I even liked the freighter s4 debacle better).

But I’ll admit, my Lostalgia (coined!) has already kicked in and we’re not even done. I held the fancy Dharma-themed packaging in my hands and drooled at the possibilities the final collection will hold. I’m sure it’ll be an exorbitantly priced, ridiculously unnecessary collector’s item. Yet, despite being late in joining the wild game that is watching Lost (I watched the first four seasons in six weeks at the end of 2008 / beginning of 2009 literally up until the night before the S5 premiere), I have fully embraced this show as a generational experience. Provided the ending isn’t too widely reported on, I also imagine I have a wide circle of friends that would benefit from borrowing the series.

Anyway today a thought occurred to me. I think it’d be a cool side project, even if it was just a card inside this magical collector’s set. When Sex & The City was well over, fans who weren’t ready to splurge on the very breakable translucent cases, or the very pricy luxury collector’s box, could pick up a little sampling of the series tailored to a certain theme. Being an owner of the series, I saw this to be kind of stupid, but I did buy two of these little snack packs (I believe they had 2-4 episodes each, I can’t remember) for a friend of mine as part of a birthday gift. I have to admit, it was fun to throw the disc in and watch a smattering of episodes in a series that’s relatively unconnected.

Lost is the complete opposite of Sex & The City when it comes to connectivity. It’s easily the most richly woven series of all time. Seriously. But I have lately found myself craving continuity between the back stories of the core characters (i.e. the ones who aren’t dead right now). How cool would it be to come out with standalone DVDs that group together all the Hurley-centric episodes? I just think for a show that’s so self-referential it’d be helpful to track the characters progress through the series.

Granted, someone could easily argue that much of the character development and ‘reveals’ don’t necessarily come from the character’s centric episodes, but I still think it’d be awesome to have a Desmond DVD that has all of his flashbacks / sideways life in one place.

I imagine the Desmond, Kate, and Jack DVDs would be among the most interesting. Or at least the ones I’d want for my collection (I find off-island Kate more interesting than annoying on-island Kate).

Just sayin’

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