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I feel a little lost without my 'Fall TV Preview' of Entertainment Weekly...which I HOPE is in my mailbox when I get home tonight...a week late. F*ckin Canadian mail system / EW not printing anywhere North of the border. LAME. Anyway I took it upon myself to jot down a list of fall TV viewing that I'm planning to partake in. I added nary a show to my viewing last year, aside from short-season cable TV programs like The Walking Dead (AMC) and Boardwalk Empire (HBO).

This year, however, the networks have wizened up and pulled out ALL the stops in getting me to watch a few of their new programs - bringing in hot stars from the silver and small screens alike and fresh new high-concept plots. Below is a preview of what I'm planning to tune into - at least for the first episode - this fall. And lordy it's a LONG LIST.


The Playboy Club (NBC) - Premieres September 19th
There have been two buzzy 1960s Mad Men wannabes on the network's schedules for this year - the Playboy Club is probably a fair bit less promoted. I'm not 100% sold to be honest. We saw a glimpse of the legendary bunnies on Mad Men and that felt like enough for more. Also I'd feel a little lascivious to say I'm an avid fan of the show, I mostly feel like it's fueling the Hefner marketing machine. I may check out the premiere though.

Terra Nova (FOX) - Premieres September 26th
I'd be lying if I said I didn't have my doubts about this one. It's been mired in production issues, and dragged out for years past its original planned premiere date. However! It features a Degrassi alum (Landon Liboiron, above), has Stephen Spielberg attached, and promises to be pretty high-concept when it's not doing the action sequence thing. I'll at least do the premiere of this one for sure.

Gossip Girl (CW) - Premieres September 26th
Seriously, how cute is this picture? Granted two of the stars in it aren't returning as regularly billed cast members this season - Jenny and Vanessa - but they will be back in guest spots. Sidenote, why does Eric never get any love in the cast photos / promos? I mean, I know he looks like he's permanently 10 years old, but really. Anyway the beat goes on with this one. Not looking forward to the actress that played Charlie joining the cast - I found her acting very awkward - but hoping for some more Blair & Dan non-romance sparks to fly.

Being Erica (CBC) - September 26th
I LOVE BEING ERICA. Having watched the first 3 seasons on Netflix in 30 days, I'm all kinds of excited but also sad for the final farewell to our plucky heroine, Erica Strange (Erin Karpluk). This is one of my top to-watch shows this fall...I can't even imagine having to wait from episode to episode now.

Hart of Dixie (CW) - September 26th
Man CW is really shaking things up this year. A doctor drama? A show starring someone over the age of 30? Anyway I thought this show looked supremely lame, and it still might be...but it also has the potential to be a slice of small-town heaven, which has been sorely missing from the CW's glossier productions of the last few years. I'm uncertain as to whether Rachel Bilson can be a leading lady - she has yet to 'own' anything she's been in, including the final near-solo-lady season on The OC - but I'm curious to check out the premiere of this one. The CW has a habit of yanking shows though (LUX!), so I'm wary.


Parenthood (NBC) - September 13th
Looks like we're fast-forwarding a bit on Parenthood, given the state of Christina's swollen belly in this screen grab. I'm okay with that for the most part, given the show has always fudged around with their timeline (what grade are the Braverman children in anyway?), and I don't know that I wanted to see a season of Amber trying to figure out her life, Jasmine and Crosby trying to forgive, and Christina complaining of backaches. I'd rather see the wounds after they've somewhat healed, so altogether, I'm JAZZED for this new season.

Ringer (CW) - September 13th
SMG is a lucky gal to have such a massive fan base. Here's hoping she's doing the right thing with it by getting us all to tune into her promisingly twisty dark drama premiering, oddly, on the CW in a week. Entertainment Weekly made it sound interesting enough, although I'm still a tad concerned about the fact CBS pushed it from their slate onto their little sister network...but c'mon, they've got Christoffer Polaha (last seen as the dreamy screw-up Baze on Life Unexpected) and Nestor Carbonell (last seen as the dreamy demi-god Richard Alpert on Lost) PLUS BUFFY. Sold.

New Girl (FOX) - September 20th
The thing I've been consistently hearing about Zooey Deschanel's new hipster rom com sitcom is that if you like her, you'll like the show. Generally speaking I like Zooey and I'm curious to see what she does on the small screen. That's it that's all.


Survivor South Pacific (CBS) - September 14th
I'd heard there were former cast members returning again this season - guess it's a guaranteed ratings booster - but I didn't know who they were until today. Ozzy, possibly the greatest physical player of the game ever, but also the cockiest. And Coach, possibly the greatest 'character' of the game ever, but also the most naive. Quite frankly, I'm psyched to see them back, although not so much with the return of Redemption Island. Interesting sidenote - a relative of Russell Hantz's is on the show, and I thought it might be a cool future incarnation to have friends / family compete that know former legendary contestants. Parvati's mom! Russell's wife! Coconut phone Shane's pride & joy kid! Anyway, count me in for another season o'Probst.

ANTM All Stars (CW) - September 14th
The 'All Stars' concept seems a little weird for ANTM, given it's a show where virtually any contestant - if a truly bona fide model contender - should have been able to find work afterwards. Also aging is a major factor here...regardless, Tyra's tired show could use a little kick in the pants, even if it's mostly for the sake of bringing back the best / most memorable 'characters' (read: lots of house bitches) instead of the best potential models.

The X-Factor (FOX) - September 21st
I gave up on American Idol after Season 3, which is weird, cause Fantasia was a respectable winner...at the time. When I heard Simon Cowell's other, self-developed show was making its way across the pond I figured I'd give it a shot for at least Season 1. I do enjoy singing competitions, I just got tired of Idol. Here's hoping X Factor can give the Fox juggernaut a run for its off-key money.

Modern Family (ABC) - September 21st
Not much to say on this one. I ploughed through Season 1 and the first half of Season 2 in approximately six weeks. Many thought S2 paled a bit to S1 but the happy blur of them both has me psyched for Season 3.


The Secret Circle (CW) - September 15th
Over the last few years I've *tried* to pick up several CW series, including 90210, Hellcats, and the Vampire Diaries. But none of them appealed to me by halfway through the premiere - in fact I didn't even get through the full premiere of any of them. I'm only going to (attempt to) tune into The Secret Circle because Britt Robertson from Life Unexpected is starring in it, and she's interesting. I'd like to see her do well.

The Office (NBC) - September 22nd
It's been awfully quiet when it comes to promoting the 9th season of the sans Michael Scott version of The Office. I was never a Michael Scott fan, really, but I feel like he was the glue that held the premise's wacky concept together. I suspect this season will be like any show that loses a major star - dismal - and I hope it gets put to bed sooner rather than later. I'd like to see it go this year.


Boardwalk Empire (HBO) - September 25th
Another show that kept me warm and entertained last winter (having caught up during an HBO marathon), I'm quite excited to see the return of Nucky & co. I feel like they've got their joints warmed up...now I'd like to see them explode some of the groundwork laid in Season 1.

Pan Am (ABC) - September 25th
Probably the most hyped up show of the fall TV season, as ABC's entre into the Mad Men 60's drama. Not sure that planes have the same 'glam' factor as ad campaigns, but I feel like I at least need to tune into the premiere here and see what they can do with a cable-type concept.

The Amazing Race 19 (CBS) - September 25th
I'm a little tired of TAR to be honest. I think we all are. They've never been as good as Survivor at creating characters and drama, and some of the pieces that made the earlier seasons so insanely addictive and water cooler-worthy - like crazy flight advantages, fast forwards, and ridiculously long road blocks - have been turfed. But I'll tune in again. It's habit.

The Walking Dead (AMC) - October 16th
Hm, it seems my Sundays will be primo TV nights if all goes well. I'm beyond excited to see the return of AMC's breakout zombie hit from last year. Seriously, every week was like a terror-inducing movie...I can't wait to see what they can do with it this year, and a full(er) order of episodes.

Yowza. If I watch all this shiz, I'm going to have to start curling weights during them so I don't become a total couch potato. Still, SUPER EXCITED for the return of Fall TV, even if it puts a damper on doing anything else, ever.

- Britt's On


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