Fall TV - Week Two (almost)

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Okay well...week 2 is over. Almost. See, I haven't watched ABC's 'Pan Am' yet, but I feel like since 99% of my planned week 2 viewing is done, I can report on my findings and thoughts. I have some strong...okay, contemplative...thoughts about what shows I'm drawn to. But I'm still giving MOST shows three weeks.


2 Broke Girls
A show I hadn't really planned to watch, but Entertainment Weekly put it in their top 5 new shows, so I gave it a go. I like Kat Dennings, always have, and this is a perfect role for her. Beth Behrs, the blonde heiress / proto-Paris was also very well cast. She managed to be likable but daft at the same time. I also liked the concept - especially the $$$ counter at the end of the episode. BUT. I don't like sitcommy sitcoms. And this is a VERY sitcommy sitcom - playing to the camera, super obvious sets, gimmicky jokes. So while there was so much to like here, the format just doesn't fly with me.
Survey Says: Sorry girls, but I've already given you the boot. I vowed to only add one, max two comedies to my rotation this year and I know this one won't work for me. Congrats though, you've got a great career ahead of you both.

The Playboy Club
I genuinely liked this show more than I thought I would, however I suspect most of the novelty for me came from having just read "The Bunny Years". Seeing everything come to life - including the legendary 'Bunny Dip' serving move - was really cool. Eddie Cibrian's take on Don Draper was a little eh, but I'm biased because all I can see is SUNSET BEACH when I look at him. Amber Heard is stunning though. But part of choosing whether or not to watch a show is predicting whether or not it's going to stay on air. I HATE picking up shows that get insta-cancelled halfway through a season.
Survey Says: Interestingly, the boyfriend thought this had the most potential of the three dramas we'd watched to that point - The Secret Circle and Ringer being the other two - but I'm not that enthusiastic about carrying on with it. I'll watch last night's episode and probably call it quits from there.


New Girl
I'm not going to lie. I only programmed in two 'Series Recordings' in my PVR going into this fall season. One of them was 'Ringer', the other was 'New Girl'. I'm a fan of Zooey Deschanel - she has an undeniable likable enviable it factor - and this show is very much a set piece for her as a person, and her as the type of character she clearly feels comfortable playing. I laughed at this show more than any other (save for Modern Family), and I feel like this is the comedy I will continue to watch.
Survey Says: Locked in kids. New Girl gets a pass from being 'on the bubble'.


Modern Family
Lol. I just typed in 'Dude Ranch', as per the season 3 premiere episode title and this photo. Anyway. Tons of laughs, as per usual. Ty Burrell in particular proved his Emmy worthiness, but then again, he is my fave character on the show (although Cameron is a *close* second for me). My only long-term fear for this show, as with most comedies, is that they won't have room to grow. Most comedies die in the last few seasons because you know the punchlines that they love to hammer home, and each of the characters in MoFam definitely have their 'personas' nailed - like Phil, the male cheerleader that's always trying to impress his father-in-law / be a 'cool' dad. Although the boyf pointed out that the kids are still wildcards. We've got places to take them. And as long as the laughs keep coming, I'll keep buying in.
Survey Says: So far, so good. OF COURSE I'M WATCHING.

It took me until Saturday to finally watch this show - the story of a socialite that's seemingly new to the Hamptons, but hellbent on revenge - but I have to say, this might be the surprise hit of the fall for me. It hasn't received a ton of buzz going into it, but I genuinely, genuinely enjoyed this show. The actors were all well-cast, and there was a ton of soapy, scary drama brewing. Intrigue abounds on this mix of The OC, Gossip Girl, and Desperate Housewives! Sidenote - it also reminds me of a little-watched show I once enjoyed starring Allison Lohman, called Pasadena. Look it up. I just hope this one fares better.
Survey Says: I'm SUPER tempted to give this one a pass and an official subscription on my DVR. I'm giving it this week to keep me hooked and then it's a go.

The Office
Something's missing on the Office...aside from Michael Scott, that is. And I'd say, it's a sense of understanding. Namely, understanding what made the show work so well for the first three seasons, and why they're stuck. The camaraderie of the earlier seasons feels broken down in lieu of giving each character their own little bit - Stanley's new 'stuff it up your butt' was horrendously juvenile and awkward, Pam's emotional viewing of sad commercials was just sad, and Andy trying to be a good guy, Michael Scott style, was just bland. There was the occasional giggle, and Robert California's throwaway lines of mystery were a treat, but I really hope they put the show out of its misery. Soon.
Survey Says: I'm in this for the long-haul kittens. Let's end it though soon, k?


Boardwalk Empire
Nucky's back! You know, as much as people complain about the 'glacial' pace of the show, I have to say that in the recap of last season, a sh*t ton of stuff happened, some of which I forgot about until this week's premiere. There are a whole lot of hot messes unfurling and getting knotted up, and although I've heard this season keeps the same trot-along pace, I'm jazzed to see it happen. I love the actors on this show so much, and the surprising levels of humour more than anything. I got nothing more to say.
Survey Says: Watching it, naysayers be damned. You just gotta be patient! Also I read the book 'Boardwalk Empire' this year. I didn't like it much, but it was neat to have that context when watching the show now.

The Amazing Race 19
I thought this was a solid premiere. Not because the events themselves were that intriguing - although the showgirls' passport moment was crazy - but because the cast is really interesting this year. I already like a lot of the teams. Ethan & Jenna (naturally, although they're longshots to win it all). The snowboarders (pictured above) have cheerful, dopey charm - it worked for the hippies remember! I always love parent / child teams and the father / son adventurers could go far. The NFL player and his wife also seem like strong competitors.
Survey Says: Oh TAR, you know I can't give you up. Not really. I love my buzzy, adrenaline-filled reality shows! And you delivered with a good cast this year.


Dead & Gone
2 Broke Girls
The Playboy Club (pretty much...I'm thinking I must just skip carrying on with it altogether)

Locked In
New Girl

On The Bubble
Ringer - here's the thing. I don't find the show that LIKABLE. As in...I don't have an emotional connection to the characters whatsoever. I blame the duplicitous nature of the show's premise. But I DO find the show intriguing. It keeps you on the edge of your seat, it opens up tons of questions, and the cliffhangers make me want to keep on watching. I might extend my thoughts on this show for four or five weeks before making a final decision. It's hard to turn down Baze & Buffy & Richard Alpert.

Locked In
Modern Family
America's Next Top Model

On The Bubble
Up All Night - I'm leaning towards losing this one after this week. Will Arnett is consistently the only thing I laugh at, and that's not enough for me...as much as I LOVE me some WillArn. I hope the show continues on though, if only to raise Will's profile and have him get more movie love.

THURSDAYS (ps - remember when Thursdays were awesome? What happened?)
Locked In
The Office

On The Bubble
The Secret Circle - I like the soapy OTT melodramatic teendom that Kevin Williamson so expertly captures. I think the show has a lot of places it could go...but I need to give it another couple of weeks. I still feel a little *old* to be watching the show (despite being a Degrassi nerd hah)...I think right now for me it's a choice between this, Ringer, and Pan Am / Terra Nova, both of which I haven't watched yet.

Locked In
Saturday Night Live - I always forget about this one. I was ho hum about the premiere. But you don't want to be the one not watching the show and have everyone talking about that must-see moment that crops up once in awhile. Plus they'll be ramping up the political drama right away!
The Amazing Race
Boardwalk Empire

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